Giuseppe Ancona

Giuseppe Ancona is Maître de conférence in Mathématiques at the Université de Strasbourg. He works in the field of Arithmetic Geometry, which studies the interactions between number theory and geometry. More precisely, given an équation, one wants to relate the geometry of the real solutions with the arithmetics of the integral solutions. An historical example is due to the greeks: the study of the geometry of the circle allows one to classify the Pythagorean triples (i.e. all the right triangles with sides of integral length).

The main work of Giuseppe is on the standard conjecture of Hodge type, a fundamental question formulated by Grothendieck in the Sixties. His article from 2021 is the first unconditional result on this question since its formulation.

Giuseppe was born in Bari, Italy, where he lived until his high school. He did his undergraduate at the Scuola Normale di Pisa, then he studied at the Ecole Normale de Paris. He did his Phd in Paris 13, postdocs in Essen, Bonn and Zurich. He is in Strasbourg since 2016.