Vladimir Torbeev

Vladimir Torbeev received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Chicago under direction of Prof. Stephen Kent for the work dedicated to total chemical synthesis and biophysical studies of HIV-1 protease. Then, he performed postdoctoral studies in the group of Prof. Donald Hilvert at ETH Zurich working on molecular mechanism of misfolding and aggregation of β2-microglobulin. Since March 2014 he is a group leader at Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS) and an assistant professor at the University of Strasbourg. He is a laureate of the ATIP-Avenir program (CNRS-Inserm) and received the ERC Starting Grant in 2016. The research in his team combines methods of chemistry and biophysics to study biological problems. The subjects include protein misfolding and aggregation involved in neurodegenerative diseases, new methods of synthesis of protein libraries, approaches to study intrinsically disordered proteins and protein design.