Charter of the Gutenberg Chairs

1 – Definition
Following an initiative from the Cercle Gutenberg, the Gutenberg Chairs are a system set up to host, for approximately one year, highly-qualified research scientists working outside France and invited by higher education and research institutions of the Grand Est Region. All research fields are eligible. In addition to the planned research activities, the awardee should take part in teaching activities, seminars, etc. and is encouraged to give lecture(s) to specialists as well as to a broader public.
These excellence chairs are awarded on the basis of the recommendations made by the Cercle Gutenberg whose members belong to the Institut de France, the Collège de France, the Institut Universitaire de France) and to major national and foreign academies.
Each Chair allows the selected awardee to receive a specific financial support, which however cannot be used to cover his own salary. The salary of the Chair holder must therefore be covered from other sources, e.g. the host institution(s), Foundations, or the home institution (sabbatical leave).

2 – Financial Support
The 60 000 € grant is divided in two parts: 10 000 € represent the Gutenberg Prize and are given personally to the awardee to facilitate his relocation and 50 000 € are provided to the host institution(s) and are entirely devoted to the research program of the grant holder, without any deduction by the host institution(s). The latter amount can be devoted, i.e. to equipment, consumables, hosting costs, salaries paid to research contributors, doctoral grants, organisation of seminars, etc…
All supports foreseen by the host institution(s) for the invited scientist will be entirely maintained by that institution. The funding of the Gutenberg Chair can be cumulated with other public or private contributions.

3 - Selection
The Cercle Gutenberg will provide the higher education and research institutions located in Grand Est region with the application forms.
The host institution(s) will have to provide a complete presentation of the candidate and of his/her scientific project in relation to the overall projects of the host institution(s). Full information on the financial and technical requirements of the candidate’s project should also be provided.
The application presented by the host institution(s) should mention the research and teaching activities to be conducted by the candidate during his/her stay in Alsace.
The selection will be based on evaluations by an international multi-disciplinary jury, set up by the Cercle Gutenberg.

4 – Agenda 2023
The completed applications must be submitted to the Cercle Gutenberg before May 15th 2023 and the Chairs should become operational in the academic year 2023/2024.